-50 Reps Jump Rope (single-unders) or jumping jacks
-20 arm circles forward and back
-20 push ups
-Jump up and down on your toes 20 times
-20 Air squats

Movement Focus + Videos:


Movement Task:
Take 4-5 minutes to practice efficient single-unders -OR- practice hitting double unders. If you do not have a jump rope, complete 30 jumping jacks, focusing on perfect technique.

For this workout, you will need to set Tabata Timer for 15 rounds; Time on 1:00 seconds, Time off: 0:00. 

On 3-2-1 GO..
-Complete 3 Air Squats to start the workout, and then complete:
-300 single-under (Jump rope) reps or Jumping Jacks* (you may use and/or combine strict -or- rolling push-ups)

*HOWEVER, you will have to STOP and PERFORM 3 AIR SQUATS on every given minute / every time the Tabata timer ‘DINGS!’ while trying to complete the amount of reps shown above for time!!

Complete 500 single-unders and do 3 burpees at the beginning of each minute!! 

Continue this pattern until you are done with all jump rope/jumping jack reps, and then note how much time has elapsed on the tabata timer. This is your score.

Score= total amount of time to complete all jump rope/jumping jack reps (shown on tabata timer) AND which version of the WOD your chose (regular vs challenge)!

I. Run/walk a mile if you can
II. Stretching/flexibility video:

One response to “25-26AUG20: SUMMER HOME WOD #32

  1. I did this with Caroline V

    Caroline did the regular version, and did jumping jacks and squats- her time was 5:11

    I did the challenge version, and did jump ropes and burpees- my time was 6:38 (PR!!! 😁😁😁 the other two times I’ve done this workout I got 7:49 and 7:53!!! 😁😁

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