8JUN20: HOME WOD #37

Congratulations to the following Dana P.E. Athletes for being selected as our FINAL Dana Athletes of The Week!!! These Dolphins have gone above and beyond with completing Home Wods, fitness challenges, email communication, and showing P.R.I.D.E. in all things P.E. during distance learning! Keep up the hard work!!

WEEK #5 Coach Alvarez Coach Cavezza Coach Corrinet Coach Shakstad Coach Thomas
6th Gr. Sophia L. Connor S. Lucas A. Isaiah R. Sophia G.
7th Gr. Austin C. Brianna B. Nic R. Julianna P. Daphne L.
8th Gr. Excellence U. Jacob W. Haley D. Victoria H. Kiano L.

HOOAH!! Podcast – HOME WOD #37:

Programmed By Natalie W. (7th Gr, Coach Corrinet’s Per. 3)
-:30 sec plank
-7 Burpees
-:30 sec plank
-7 Air Squats
-:30 sec plank
-50 Single-Unders -or- Jumping Jacks
-:30 sec plank
-7 lunge steps (L+R=1 rep)

Movement Focus + Video:



Movement Task:
After watching the videos, complete 2 sets of:
-5 Burpees
-5 Vertical Jumps
-:15 Sec Plank

Programmed By Caroline V. (8th Gr, Coach Corrinet’s Zero Period)
-Using the online Tabata Timer, scroll down a bit and then set timer for ROUNDS = 18 and leave all other settings alone.
-Each round/tabata interval will consist of :20 of work, followed by :10 of rest
-Only keep track of your TOTAL # OF BURPEES COMPLETED throughout the entire workout (do not count/score total vertical jumps or planks).

-Round 1: Max Burpees (count reps)
-Round 2: 4 Vertical Jumps
-Round 3: Plank
-Round 4: Max Burpees; continue adding to your rep count from prior burpee round
-Round 5: 4 Vertical Jumps
-Round 6: Plank

-Round 7: Max Burpees; continue adding to your rep count from prior burpee round
-Round 8: 4 Vertical Jumps
-Round 9: Plank

-Continue pattern until you’ve completed all 18 rounds/tabata intervals!

Score: Total # Burpees completed!


-Post your first name/last initial + your workout score down below in the ‘Leave a Reply/Comments’ section (optional, but highly encouraged)!!
-Drink water, eat some protein, wash hands with soap/water, and give yourself a high-five!

53 responses to “8JUN20: HOME WOD #37

    • I got 42 burpees! This workout was super fun to go and thank you Natalie and Caroline so much for creating such a creative and fun WOD!

      • No more burpees please!!!! please… I’m begging you… and so is my mom who does the workouts with me so she can get a workout too. Just no more burpees please!!!!πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜΅

  1. I got 42 burpees!! I thought this was a very fun WOD, thx for making it Caroline and Natalie πŸ˜€ -Summer Tsai

  2. Nicholas Ramirez- I got 44 burpees and thank you Coach Corrinet for making me the last 7th grader athlete of the week for your class!!

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