27APR20: Home WOD #19


Demo Video w. Coach Shakstad!!!

HOOAH!! Podcast – Home WOD #19:


*Have fun with this warm up. Do it with family and/or friends:)

Movement Focus + Video
Jumping Jacks:

Mountain Climbers:

Tuck Jumps:

Bunny Hops:

Lunge Steps:

Movement Task:
10 reps of the following:
-Jumping Jacks
-Mountain climbers
-Bunny Hops -or- Tuck Jumps (you can mix/match to = 10)
-Lunges (1 Rep= 1 Right Lunge Step + 1 Left Leg Lunge Step)

Mini chipper FOR TIME!
*Use the online stopwatch to complete the following movements for time. Movements must be done in order:

-100 jumping jacks
-75 mountain climbers (R+L=1)
-50 Bunny Hops -or- Tuck Jumps (you can mix and match to = 50)
-25 Lunges (1 Rep= 1 Right Lunge Step + 1 Left Leg Lunge Step)

Score= total amount of time to complete the 4 movements. 


-Post your first name/last initial + your workout score down below in the ‘Leave a Reply/Comments’ section (optional, but highly encouraged)!!
-Drink water, eat some protein, wash hands with soap/water, and give yourself a high-five!
-Submit your Home WOD Assignment in Canvas to your PE teacher if you did not submit by Sunday night 11:59pm!!!

127 responses to “27APR20: Home WOD #19

  1. Wow my legs hurt from those lunges! I got 5:43 🙂 (I did 25 bunny hops and 25 tuck jumps to make the 50)

  2. Dexter W. 3:53
    Bunny hops helped. Also, we couldn’t see the warm-up you tube video-says it was restricted.

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