20APR20: Home WOD #16


HOOAH!!! Podcast – Home WOD #16


-Spell your name  (First AND Last name) GAME!  For each letter of your name, complete the exercise that corresponds! CLICK HERE for the game.

Movement Focus + Video:
Stationary Inch-Worms:

Supine Bicycle Kicks:

Broad Jumps:

Movement Task:
-Using the points of performance for each movement, perform 2 sets of:
-6 stationary inch-worms
15 supine bicycle kicks (1 rep= Right Elbow to Left Knee + Left Elbow to Right Knee)
-6 broad jumps*

**for the Met Con, use the distance of your farthest broad jump, by marking your starting spot and your ending spot (chalk, tape or shoe laces are perfect to mark these lines)**

E.M.O.M. 21 minutes:
Set Tabata Timer for ROUNDS = 21; TIME ON = 1:00 seconds, TIME OFF = 0:00

Round 1: 6 Stationary Inch-Worms
Round 2: 15 Supine Bicycle Kicks (1 rep= Right Elbow to Left Knee + Left Elbow to Right Knee)
Round 3: 6 Broad Jumps
Round 4: 6 Stationary Inch-Worms
Round 5: 15 Supine Bicycle Kicks
Round 6: 6 Broad Jumps…
Round 7: 6 Stationary Inch-Worms…
Continue pattern each round until the 21 rounds are completed -or- until you fail to finish the number of reps required for that round number.

Score: Rounds completed out of 21 


-Post your first name/last initial + your workout score down below in the ”Leave a Reply/Comments’ section!
-Drink water, eat some protein, wash hands with soap/water, and give yourself a high-five!

132 responses to “20APR20: Home WOD #16

  1. Dexter W. 21/21 rounds.
    my mom was wondering if each round was all three: inch worm, bicycle kicks and broad jumps.

  2. 21/21
    caitlyn gellman
    i couldn’t figure out how to turn-in the home wods before but yeah

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