18-19APR20: Weekend Edition #5


Using a piece of rope, piece of parachute cord, jump rope, drawstring from a hoodie or pair of sweats, string, an unplugged power cord, etc., learn how to tie the Army’s most useful knot: the end of line bowline!

7 responses to “18-19APR20: Weekend Edition #5

  1. I completed all the workouts this week but my favorite was the hero wod on Friday because it was a long workout and required lots of time and made you pace yourself and I feel I did good in that workout. The most challenging movement was the hr pushups in the hero wod because it was a constant challenge every round I dreaded it but still persevered through it. I would like to see more workouts focused on upper body strength because i feel that I lack on that area more than I would like to. Have a great week!! (Cooper Vance)

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