28-28JAN20: REDCON 1

Today’s first block period of the new semester will be split between getting our fitness on for the first time this semester and taking care of some more administrative items (Platoon Formation #2, Drill & Ceremony, Course Syllabus, Set-Up Journals)

The “new” movement we will be learning today is the BURPEE aka FLOPPIE. We will use this video to help learn our first movement and analyze efficient technique before practicing them and getting feedback from me:

Once everybody is looking good like Hollywood, we will complete our first metabolic conditioning workout (Met.Con) of the semester in two heats (athlete/coach format):

Wod 1.1: “REDCON 1”

-150m Run
-1 Agility Ladder
-5 Burpees

Complete Rounds: _____ + Additional Reps: ____

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