26-27SEPT19: REDCON1 Re-Test!

Agility Ladder Drills!


This is not a new movement, but one that we can definitely improve. Today’s focus will be practicing and mastering a more efficient burpee (the 2nd video):

Once we’ve all had a chance to practice better burpees with coaching feedback, we will complete last workout of Unit 1 which is of course a repeat of our first workout for the unit/semester. If, I mean WHEN, each athlete earns a better score today, CONGRATS!! You’ve earned a PR (Personal Record), and can ring the PR Bell!

Wod 1.8: “REDCON 1 #2”

AMRAP 8 (7th/8th Gr) & AMRAP 6 (6th Gr):
-150m Run
-1 Agility Ladder
-5 Burpees

Complete Rounds: _____ + Additional Reps: ____

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