27-30AUG19: Zero Week

Welcome to CrossFit P.E. and The Cove, returning veterans and new recruits!!!.

We have a lot of things to cover and tasks that need to be checked off before we are fully prepped for Workout of the Day (WOD) #1, which goes down next week. Here’s what needs to happen for now:

Day 1 (20 min): TUESDAY, 27AUG19
-General introduction: Learn a bit about me and about what CrossFit PE is all about

Day 2 (20 min): WEDNESDAY, 28AUG19
-Assign Seats in Platoon Formation / Videotape Names
-Start Class Syllabus (Powerpoint)

Day 3 (37 min): THURSDAY, 29AUG19
-Platoon Formation #1
-Resume Class Syllabus (Powerpoint) – 6th Graders
-7th/8th Grade Boys Locker/Padlock Issue
-8th Grade Girls Padlock Issue
-6th Grade Boys Locker Room Speech

Day 4 (37 min): FRIDAY, 30AUG19
-Platoon Formation #2 / Drill & Ceremony 101
-7th Grade Girls Locker/Padlock Issue

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