18-19MAR19: Team WOD 19.1

Today we’ll be adding some light resistance/weight to our awesome squats, in addition to hitting the fitness component of accuracy for the first time with our new movement, wall ball shots! Wall balls are simply large, weighted medicine balls, that require athletes  to perform a full squat and then launch the ball vertically to make contact with a specified target on a wall (usually a line of a certain height). So essentially, we’re taking everything we already know from the air squat, and we’re turning it up a few notches! Below are the videos we’ll take a look at in class to help learn the proper technique for completing this exercise. Then, we’ll get another taste of the CrossFit Open, this time by completing a team version of one of this year’s Open workouts: CrossFit Open WOD 19.1!

TEAM WOD: “Team WOD 19.1”

(Teams of 4 – Random Selection By Coach!)
AMRAP 20min:

Partners 1 & 2:
Row 500m total

Partners 3 & 4:
-5 Burpees (ea)
-5 Hanging Knee Raises (ea)
-Remainder of Time = Max Wall Balls

Alternate each round; Team score = total wall balls for team

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