6-7FEB19: Crosstown Cup!

Today’s met.con will showcase our first ‘EMOM‘ format, which stands for ‘Every Minute On the Minute.’ EMOM’s give you a round of work to complete on a running clock, and you simply have one minute to complete each round of work, with each round often alternating between two different  work sets. Sometimes EMOM’s can be really short, and sometimes they can be really long (like today!). Sometimes EMOMs will have AMRAP’s imbedded into one of the work sets, other time you will get some rest each round (like today!). Regardless, it’s a race against the clock, so try not to fall behind!

In the spirit of Los Angeles having a huge rivalry between two of our local universities (UCLA & USC) and who compete every year in varsity athletics through the Crosstown Cup, I will be dividing each platoon into two different groups so that the workout will flow much smoother: half the class will be ‘USC;’ the other half will be ‘UCLA.’ Here the breakdown for today’s WOD:

Warm-Up/Skill Development:
Jump Rope: Single-Unders/Double-Unders

New Movement:
Hanging Knee Raises

Met.Con: “Crosstown Cup”
EMOM 20:
(For Every Minute On the Minute for 20 minutes, complete the following):

UCLA: (SQUADS 1 & 2)
ODD MINUTES: 100 m Sprint / EVEN MINUTES: 5 Hanging Knee Raises + 35 Single-Unders

USC: (SQUADS 3 & 4):
ODD MINUTES: 5 Hanging Knee Raises + 35 Single-Unders / EVEN MINUTES: 100 M Sprint

SCORE: # of completed rounds / 20

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