17-18DEC18: Wall Walks!

Today we will be learning a skill that will not only build upper body + core strength and increase your confidence in going upside down; it will put hundreds of additional, dirty footprints all over our (formerly) white walls 😉 Just as important, your progress and hard work with wall walks will directly transfer into other gymnastics movements, such as hand stands, hand stand push-ups, and hand stand walks. Here’s a video from the Reebok CrossFit 1 box on how to properly complete a wall walk. As always, pay special attention to: 1) Where the athlete starts.  2) Where the athlete is going to. 3) Where the athlete finishes.

After we watch the video, we’ll spend some time practicing wall walks and the modified versions of wall walks before putting them to use in our workout:

Handstand Hold/Handstand Progressions

MET.CON (Partner-WOD/Alt. Rounds)
‘The Walking Dead’

AMRAP 14 min:
-100m Sprint
-1 Wall Walk/Wall Walk Attempt -or- 2 Inch Work Push-Ups
-4 KB Goblet Squats
-8 AbMat Sit-Ups

# Rounds: ____

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