25-26SEPT18: Keep Climbing!

1-Min AbMat Sit-Ups

“Keep Climbing!”

AMRAP 11 min:
-1 Inchworm Push-Up*
-1 Pele (1L + 1 R = 1 Rep)*
-1 AbMat Sit-Up*
-1 Cal Row*

# Rounds: ____

*Each round, add 1 rep to each movement. For example, Round 2 will have 2 inchworms, 2 Pele’s, 2 Sit-Ups, and a 2 Cal Row…Round 3 will have 3 inchworms, 3 Pele’s, 3 sit-ups, 3 Cal row, etc. until time is up.

CrossFit Dodgeball!

Today we kick off our first nutrition mini-lesson by learning about one of the three macronutrients: PROTEIN!

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