26-27APR18: CF Open WOD 16.1

Today’s workout will give you a chance to test your fitness as if you were participating in the Reebok CrossFit Open for the 2nd time this semester! The workout will be a modified version of  CrossFit Open WOD 16.1, but before we get to 3-2-1-GO!, we will use some of class time to first check out some footage from the CrossFit Open WOD 16.1 Live Announcement. Here, we will be watching a pair of elite athletes from 2016 perform the full/adult workout head to head. We will then learn and practice the Overhead Walking Lunge, which we will be doing with a small weight plate:

We will once again be using official Reebok CrossFit Games scorecards to judge/score your partner.

CrossFit Open WOD 16.1:

-25′ Overhead Walking Lunge
-8 Burpees
-25′ Overhead Walking Lunge
-8 Jumping Pull-Ups

# Total Reps:_____

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