22-23MAR18: “Kids Menu” Part 2

7th/8th GRADE:
For this Thursday/Friday block of instruction, 7th graders will first knock out the ‘Upper Body Strength & Endurance’ event (strict push-ups to 90 deg – see state standards below), while 8th graders spend some time on the Concept2 Rowers (playing the fish game!).

Once all 7th graders have completed their fitness test, the entire class will re-unite to finish the 2nd half of the food documentary we started next week.


FEMALES (12/13/14): 7 Push-Ups
MALES (12 years old): 10 Push-Ups
MALES (13 years old): 12 Push-Ups
MALES: (14 years old): 14 Push-Ups

6th GRADE:
“Team Boat Races”

In teams of 4, row 2.5k (2,500 meters) for time. Athletes may switch on and off the rower as many times as you like…however, every switch requires all athletes (except the new rower) to complete a 30 second wall-sit.

Time: ____________

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