29-30JAN18: Welcome to the Cove!

To all of my new recruits, as well as my returning athletes, welcome to CrossFit P.E. in Room 301, The Cove!!! Today’s block period and first lesson of the new semester will be split about 70/30 between getting our fitness on for the first time this semester and taking care of some more administrative/logistical items (Intro/Welcome, Platoon Formation and Leadership Assignments, Review of Course Syllabus, and Journal Set-Up).

The new movements we will be learning today are Alternating Lunge Steps and my favorite, BURPEES aka FLOPPIES. Immediately after learning and practicing this movements, we will partner up and assess each other on our first 1-minute time trial (for burpees). In other words, each athlete will determine how many burpees (WITH CORRECT FORM) they can knock out in 1 minute. This # will go into our fitness trackers/spreadsheets at the end of class, which means we will repeat this test throughout the semester/try to beat our 1st score/ring the PR bell every time you get a new PR. Should be a hoot! See below for our actual WOD:

AMRAP 5 min:
-100m Run
-3 Burpees
-10 Lateral Plyo-Skiers (1L + 1R = 1 Rep)

Score # of Rounds completed 

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