17-18OCT17: CrossFit Poker

TEAM WOD: ‘CrossFit Poker’

In self-selected teams of 3 or 4, draw a card from your deck and have each teammate perform the movement and number of reps as indicated by suit and value. Continue to draw cards and complete rounds until 20 min is up. Your team score is the # of REPETITIONS fully completed before time runs out!

HEARTS: Box Jumps (ea)
DIAMONDS: KB Deadlifts (ea)
CLUBS: H.R. Push-Ups (ea)
SPADES: Row For Calories (each, but 2 rowers max/team)
JOKER: 10 burpees (ea)

Score: # Reps (yup, add ’em all up!)

Aces: 1 Rep
All # cards = Same # Reps
Face Cards (King, Queen, Jack) = 10 reps

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