21-22SEPT17: Hangin’ Around

)_Today we will attack an exercise utilizing our pull-bars for the first time: Hanging Knee Raises. This movement is great for building trunk and grip strength, for developing calluses on your hands (quit complaining – they are NOT blisters!!!), and for improving our back/shoulder mobility; all of which will transfer over into pretty much everything we do in CrossFit (they’ll also work wonders in getting those 6-pack abs). Expect your hands to get a little rough and your abs to get a little sore from this one…small prices to pay in becoming more prepared for the zombie apocalypse!!

VOD (Video of the Day):

Met.Con (7th/8th): “Hangin’ Around”

AMRAP 8min:
-3 Inch Worm Push-Ups
-5 Hanging Knee Raises
-7 Plate squats (2.5 lb)
-20 Reps Jump Rope

# Rounds:_______

Met.Con (6th): “Hangin’ Around”

AMRAP 8min:
-1 Inch Worm Push-Up
-3 Hanging Knee Raises
-5 Squats
-20 Reps Jump Rope

# Rounds:_______

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