14-15SEPT17: Broad Jump!

The movement we will be mastering today is called the ‘Broad Jump,’ which you may or may not recognize as an event in Track & Field (and also the NFL Combine). In addition to learning how to broad jump effectively, we’ll each get a chance to measure our max-distance jump…as well as put our new skill to use in today’s new WOD.

Max Broad Jump #1

Met.Con (6th/7th/8th): PARTNER WOD

Each round starts with a 100m Partner Run followed by one game of ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors.’ The winning hand determines the exercise for both partners:

ROCK: 5 Hand-Release Push-Ups ea.
PAPER: 10 Plank Hold Hand Claps
SCISSORS: 3 Broad Jumps ea.

#Rounds: ____

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