30-31MAR17: Boat Races!

Before we attack today’s Met.Con, we first will knock out our two last big events for the California Fitness Test:


FEMALES (12/13/14): 7 Push-Ups
MALES (12 years old): 10 Push-Ups
MALES (13 years old): 12 Push-Ups
MALES: (14 years old): 14 Push-Ups

Abdominal Strength and Endurance: Curl-Ups
MALES (12 years old): 18 Curl-Ups
MALES (13 years old): 21 curl-ups
MALES (14 years old): 24 curl-ups
FEMALES (12/13/14): 18 curl-ups

“Team Boat Races”

In teams of 4-5, row 2.5k (2,500 meters) for time. Athletes may switch on and off the rower as many times as you like…however, every switch incurs a 5 burpee penalty for each athlete!

Time: ____________


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