6-7MAR17: Slam Balls!

Today is a big day, as we are upgrading our movements from bodyweight only exercises to movements/exercises with loads/weight! Our first non-bodyweight movement of the semester is going to be…Slam Balls! Check out the video below on how to complete this new movement, but be forewarned…our slam balls will not bounce nearly as high as the one in the demo video…which means you’ll have to move much faster!

Before we learn and practice slam balls, we first will go over the plank and complete our first max plank hold for the semester:

Max Plank Hold #1

Partner WOD: “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Partner WOD ~ AMRAP 20 min:
Both athletes play as many games as possible of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ together for 20 minutes; after each game , the winning object (rock, paper, or scissors) requires each athlete to perform the following movements/# of movements:

ROCK: 8 Slam Balls ea.
PAPER: 400m Partner Run / 500m Partner Row (alternate between run/row each ‘Paper’)
SCISSORS: 8 Partner Sit-Ups

SCORE: # Total Rounds Completed

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