6-7FEB17: Broad Jump!

The movement we will be mastering today is called the ‘Broad Jump,’ which you may or may not recognize as an event in Track & Field (and also the NFL Combine). In addition to learning how to broad jump effectively, we’ll each get a chance to measure our max-distance jump…as well as put our new skill to use in today’s new WOD. Here’s 2 great videos on the broad jump that we’ll take a peek at…meanwhile, today’s WOD is posted below!

Max Broad Jump #1

WOD: “Death By Burpee Broad Jumps”

1 Burpee Broad Jump the 1st Minute
2 Burpee Broad Jumps the 2nd Minute
3 Burpee Broad Jumps the 3rd Minute…

Continue until you are unable to complete the set number of burpee broad jumps within the minute!

Score: ___/15 Rounds

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