12-13JAN17: Triple Threat!

Today we will be learning a new movement – Medicine Ball Throws – and implementing them into a triplet that features movements common in strength and conditioning programs…specifically, the strength and conditioning program I’ve been happily following for 2 months! This workout will be in ‘Open’ format (athlete/coach):

“Triple Threat”

-3 Burpee Box Jumps
-5 Medicine Ball Throws
-15 Slam Balls

Score # Rounds: ______

After we finish up both heats of the WOD, we will take some time to watch footage from the 2015 CrossFit Games ‘Murph’ event to help get everybody up to speed on their Hero WOD Group Project…which is due MONDAY!!! The men’s heat starts at 3:05/ends at 1:00:45; the women’s heat starts at 1:02:30/ends at 2:01:30.

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