28-29NOV16: Lucky Dice

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! I hope you all enjoyed your time off with your family and friends…and I also hope you put in some work towards your fitness, since today’s workout is going to be a tough one (and of my favorite Partner WOD’s)…

Max Effort Pull-Ups #2

AMRAP 30min

 At the beginning of each round, both partners complete a 150m run, tag team style.

 Then, ‘Roll Dice.”

 1 = 10 Partner Wall Balls (5 ea)
2 = 10 Junkyard Dogs (5 ea)
3 = 10 Calorie Row (10 ea)
4 = 10 Partner Sit-Ups (10 ea)
5 = 10 Burpees (10 ea)
6 = 10 Plank-Hold Hand Claps (10 ea)

(# of Completed Rounds = # times your team rolled the dice)

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