17-18NOV16: “Whitten”

For our last workout before Thanksgiving, I thought it would be most appropriate program our last Hero WOD…not just to make sure you earn all of those extra calories next week for Thanksgiving dinner, but more importantly, to remind ourselves of what we should be thankful for. Specifically, that we should be thankful to those who serve our country and especially to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. Our last Hero WOD of the semester is a special one for me, as I knew Captain Dan Whitten back when we were West Point company-mates together (GO HOGS!!!). Dan was a great guy, and he is surely missed by his loved ones and friends. Let’s give it our all today to honor Captain Dan Whitten in a modified/kids version of his Hero WOD – HOOAH!!!!


ARMAP 30 min:
-11 Kettlebell swings
-11 Box jumps
-150 meter run
-11 Burpees
-11 Wall balls

TIME: ____________


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