Welcome to CrossFit P.E., returning veterans and new recruits!!!.

We have a lot of thing to cover and tasks that need to be checked off before we are REDCON1 for Workout of the Day (WOD) #1, which goes down next week…here’s what needs to happen this week:

Day 1:
-General introduction: Learn a bit about me and about what CrossFit is all about

Day 2:
-Learn a bit about CrossFit Kids and CrossFit P.E.

Day 3:
-Receive platoon formation + class leadership assignments
-Cover Class Syllabus (Powerpoint Presentation)
-Begin Locker Issue

Day 4:
-Cover Class Website + Home WOD’s
-Continue Locker Issue

Day 5:
-Issue + Set-Up Athlete Fitness Journals/Trackers
-Finish Locker Issue

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