28-29APR16: Speed Ropes!

Today’s video is one of my favorites for the semester – check out these AMAZING kids perform multiple acts of jump-rope awesomeness at the 2013 CrossFit Games at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA:

One of the many exercises/movements (which happens to be one my absolute favorites) involves a high-speed jump rope, and is called the ‘Double-Under.’ It’s the same as jumping rope the way you always have…except the rope will complete 2 revolutions around the body/under the feet for every single jump you take (hence the name ‘double-unders’). Since double-under’s can be very difficult to learn (and painful – expect some whip marks on your legs from the cables!!), most of us will be sticking to ‘singles’ for today’s workout. However, we’ll still give double-under’s a try before our WOD, and I’ll cover some tips for how to jump rope efficiently (see below).



3 Rounds for time**:
Run 400m
10 Overhead Walking Lunges (5#/10#/15# weight plate)
45 Single-Unders

*You may pick your team of 3, but your teammates must be of similar height to share a jumprope with!!

**All teammates must run together, but only one teammate may complete lunges/jump rope at a time

Check out Coach C’s form as he executes some pretty decent double-unders…elbows are (mostly) in, wrists are out, core is tight, torso is upright, knees/ankles/feet/ together, and eyes are focused and locked in on one specific spot:

DoubleUnders 12:13:12

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