14MAR16: Kettlebell Deadlifts!

For today’s stack periods, we will be bringing out kettlebells for the very first time! While we won’t be learning how to swing them just yet (that’s next lesson…), we first need to learn how to safely pick them up and put them down, which is called a deadlift. See the video below to watch some kids performing some sweet deadlifts.

Prior to learning the kettlebell deadlift, we will first learn how to BRACE. Bracing is a way we control our breathing by expand our diaphragm/filling our belly with air, and then tightened the muscles in our core (abs, lower back, glutes) by squeezing so that we protect our spine when lifting or moving weights (kettlebells, barbells, etc.). Once both bracing and deadlifting is taught, we will then put our new movement to the test with the help of Sally. ‘Who is Sally?’ you might ask? Check out the second video below!

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