11MAR16: Test Day/Rest Day

Since today is a stacked schedule and since we have quite a few athletes off campus for the Knott’s Berry Farm field trip, our workout today will give us some opportunities to get some updates to our fitness tracker. We’ll split the class in half to accomplish the two tasks below. While the 500m Row will be the first attempt of the year, the Max Pull-Up Test #2 will give athletes a chance to PR!


-500m Row #1

-Max Pull-Ups #2

Determine how many strict pull-ups you can complete. If you do not have a strict pull-up, determine what the smallest resistance band is that will allow you to complete a strict pull-up (Red, then Black, then Purple, then Green)…and then score max effort (# of pull-ups) for that band.

Report # of strict pull-ups (or # of strict pull-ups using which color resistance band used).
Ex: 4P (4 Purple)
Ex: 3R (3 Red)
Ex: 1G (1 Green)

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