7-8MAR16: WCF Baseline

Today we will start things off with another opportunity to earn a PR by seeing how many AbMat sit-ups you can complete in 1 minute. Just as we did with the 250m Row Time Trials, if the number of sit-ups you earn today is 1 or more reps higher than the number of reps you earned with attempt #1, congrats! You’ve earned another PR and can ring the PR bell!

Once we wrap up our sit-up challenge, we will learn a new movement today before incorporating it into today’s workout: Ring Rows!  Ring rows are great for building upper body strength and muscular endurance; they are also a more effective scale for pull-ups than what we normally use (jumping pull-ups), in that doing ring-rows will better help you in being able to accomplish strict pull-ups. Here’s the video of the day:

1 Min AbMat Sit-Ups #2


For Time:
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Hand-Release Push-Ups
10 Ring Rows


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