3-4MAR16: Lucky Dice!

Today’s workout is one of my favorite Partner WOD’s – but before we start rolling some dice in here, we are first going to learn our first non-bodyweight movement of the semester: Slam Balls! Check out the video below on how to complete this new movement, but be forewarned…our slam balls will not bounce nearly as high as the one in the demo video…which means you’ll have to move much faster!

AMRAP 25min

 At the beginning of each round, both partners complete a 150m run, tag team style.

 Then, ‘Roll Dice.”

 1 = 10 Slam Balls (ea)
2 = 10 Junkyard Dogs (ea)
3 = 10 Calorie Row (ea)
4 = 10 Partner Sit-Ups
5 = 10 Box-Jumps (ea)
6 = 10 Plank-Hold Hand Claps

(# of Completed Rounds = # times your team rolled the dice)

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