11-12FEB16: Valentine’s Day WOD

In addition to learning three new movements today (the tuck jump, hand-release push-up and AbMat sit-up), we will also be knocking out our first Partner WOD (where you actually complete the workout together with a partner) in honor of Valentine’s Day (no, you don’t have to partner up with an actual valentine…pick whoever you want!). Extra Bonus: after the workout, you are going to get your first taste of everybody’s favorite game…CrossFit Dodgeball!!!

1 Min AbMat Sit-Ups


AMRAP 20min:
(Alternating Rounds/Tag Team Style)

-100m Run
-3 Tuck Jumps
-6 Hand Release Push-Ups
-9 AbMat Sit-Ups

CrossFit Dodgeball!!!

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