4+8JUN15: CF Open Events 7+8

Welcome back to the Wiseburn CrossFit P.E. Open!! Given that today is our last day of the Open, we will be completing our final two events which test the fitness component of flexibility & strength. We will do this through our AMRAP 1 min of wall balls event, and through our first max pull-up test (described in detail below). We’ll then take the remainder of class to perform any necessary make-up testing to finalize our class standings. HOOAH!!!

CF Open Event #7:
AMRAP 1min Wall Balls to 8ft Target (Males: 8lb; Females)

CF Open Event #8:
Max Effort Pull-Ups

Determine the maximum number of pull-ups you can achieve in one set
<or, for those who don’t yet have pull-ups>
Determine the maximum number of resistance band pull-ups you can achieve, using the thinnest band possible

Any grip is authorized as long as your thumbs are fully around the bar (no monkey grips); both strict and kipping pull-ups are authorized.

Resistance Band sizes (listed from thickest to thinnest): Green/Purple/Black/Red

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