26-27MAY15: CF Open Events 1+2

Welcome to the 2014-15 Semester 1 CrossFit P.E. Open! Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be conducting a series of fitness assessments and workouts that will determine who the fittest athletes are in each platoon. While the top three males and females will all be awarded and honored with certificates, only the top one male and female from each class will earn the invite to participate in this year’s Wiseburn Throwdown Event!

Today we will be testing our first and second fitness components (stamina and coordination) by completing  Events #1 and #2, respectfully. Helloooooo, Burpees 🙂 That’s right, 7 minutes of burpees…and I don’t have to tell you how shockingly difficult this WOD is, since you’ve all done it before: CF Open WOD 12.1. Just like last time, we will partner up for judging/scoring.

Prior to the WOD, we will all complete a one-minute time trial of Max Effort Wall Walks. As always, we will go over movement standards and safety considerations prior to executing. Best of luck with Day 1 of the Open!

Wiseburn CrossFit Open Event #1:

1 Min Max Effort Wall Walks

Wiseburn CrossFit Open Event #2:

CF Open WOD 12.1: AMRAP 7  min of Burpees

Compare results to Attempt #1 in your fitness tracker/spreadsheet


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