19-20MAY15: “21 Guns”

While we are are not officially completing a ‘Hero WOD’ today, we will be completing a WOD that will be completed all over the country this week in honor of Memorial Day. What is Memorial Day, you might ask? Great question! – especially since it is often confused with Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is our nation’s holiday to remember those who died in active military duty; it is observed the last Monday in May each year. Prior to our WOD brief, I’ll be spending some time to share some of my experiences of some of the great American’s I’ve served with during my time in the Army that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The Memorial Day WOD is a part of a program called “WOD For Warriors,” in which a CrossFit workout is completed once each year for Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day through the military veteran’s organization/non-profit, Team Red White & Blue (which I am a proud member of ). The workout chosen for this year’s Memorial Day is called ’21 Guns.” The number ’21’ represents a 21-gun salute (the highest military honor that can be given in a military funeral) and the 5 different movements represent the 5 different services (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, & Coast Guard); the Army obviously being the best 😉

WOD: “21 Guns”

21 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible):
-400 meter run
-21 pushups
-21 box jumps
-15 burpees
-9 pull-ups

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