4MAY15: 20m Pacer Test #2

Today we will officially wrap up all final assessments for 7th Grade California Personal Fitness Test (PFT): The 20 meter PACER test! HOOAH!

First, we will re-test any and all Curl-Up tests for any athletes that have not taken the test or that need to re-test. Then, we will relocate to the gymnasium to re-test the 20m Pacer Test for those in need.

For those who do NOT need to re-test the PACER, we have something new in store for you: We will be running the Pacer test as a Partner WOD, with partners alternating every 2 paces (down and back), tag-team style! Which teams will get to max out the Pacer in this new format?!?

MALES (12): 23 paces
MALES (13): 29 paces
MALES (14): 36 paces

FEMALES (12): 23 paces
FEMALES (13): 25 paces
FEMALES (14): 27 paces

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