1-2APR15: Speed Ropes!

Today we will use the first part of class to take care of some administrative needs: completing your 3rd Quarter PSG Reflection on your 3rd Quarter PSG Piece (your CF Open WOD 14.5 Scorecard).

After that, we will check out these AMAZING kids perform multiple acts of jump-rope awesomeness at the 2013 CrossFit Games at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA:

One of the many exercises/movements (which happens to be one my absolute favorites) involves a high-speed jump rope, and is called the ‘Double-Under.’ It’s the same as jumping rope the way you always have…except the rope will complete 2 revolutions around the body/under the feet for every single jump you take (hence the name ‘double-unders’). Since double-under’s can be very difficult to learn (and painful – expect some whip marks on your legs from the cables!!), most of us will be sticking to ‘singles’ for today’s workout. However, we’ll still give double-under’s a try before our WOD, and I’ll cover some tips for how to jump rope efficiently (see below).



3 Rounds for time**:
Run 400m
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (5#/10#/15# weight plate)
15 Double Unders -or- 45 Singles

*You may pick your team of 3, but your teammates must be of similar height to share a jumprope with!!

**All teammates must run together, but only one teammate may complete lunges/jump rope at a time

Check out Coach C’s form as he executes some pretty decent double-unders…elbows are (mostly) in, wrists are out, core is tight, torso is upright, knees/ankles/feet/ together, and eyes are focused and locked in on one specific spot:

DoubleUnders 12:13:12

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