9MAR15: Max Pull-Ups

Today we will sneak in two skill assessments. First, we will take our 2nd attempt at your Max Plank Hold. If you beat your previous attempt (Attempt #1), congrats! You’ve earned a PR (Personal Record), and you get to ring the PR Bell for the first time.

Once that is complete, we will test your upper-body strength capabilities by doing a pull-up assessment. While some of you have strict pull-ups, most of you do not (yet)…so we will bring out the resistance bands to see just how close we are! Details for scoring are located below.



Determine how many strict pull-ups you can complete. If you do not have a strict pull-up, determine what the smallest resistance band is that will allow you to complete a strict pull-up (Red, then Black, then Purple, then Green)…and then score max effort (# of pull-ups) for that band.

Report # of strict pull-ups (or # of strict pull-ups using which color resistance band used).

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