5-6FEB15: LET’S ROLL!!!

Congratulations on making it through ‘Zero Week;’ which consisted of our first two classes that were designed to get you fully introduced and welcomed into your new CrossFit P.E. section (whoops, I mean platoon…) As promised, today marks our first official CrossFit workout, also known as a ‘WOD’ (Workout Of the Day). But first, here’s some info on the movements we will be learning:

Today we will be learning two new bodyweight movements: ALTERNATING JUMPING LUNGES…and my favorite, BURPEES aka FLOPPIES. Immediately after learning and practicing this movements, we will partner up and assess each other on our first 1-minute time trial (for burpees). In other words, each athlete will determine how many burpees (WITH CORRECT FORM) they can knock out in 1 minute. This # will go into our fitness trackers/spreadsheets at the end of class, which menas we will repeat this test throughout the semester/try to beat our 1st score/ring the PR bell every time you get a new PR. Should be a hoot! See below for our actual WOD:


1 Minute Max Effort Burpees

WOD: ‘Let’s Roll’

AMRAP 7 min (As Many Rounds As Possible in 7 minutes)

ALPHA: 100m Run + 9 Burpees + 11 alternating jumping lunges

BRAVO: 100m Run + 7 Burpees + 9 alternating jumping lunges

CHARLIE: 100m Run + 5 Burpees +  7 alternating jumping lunges

Score # of Rounds completed for the WOD you completed.

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