3-4FEB14: Zero Day!

Alright, new recruits…we have a lot of thing to cover and tasks that need to be checked off before we are REDCON1 for Workout of the Day (WOD) #1!!!  Here’s what needs to happen today:

I. Platoon Formation #1 + designation of initial class leadership (PL, PSG, SL’s, ATL’s, BTL’s)

II. Drill & Ceremony 101: Falling in, the positions of attention, parade rest, reports

III. Equipment Issue: Athlete Fitness Journals + Journal Set-Up

IV. Platoon Formation #2: More drill & ceremony practice

V. Finish Powerpoint/Class Syllabus Overview

VI. Warm-Up 101: We’ll walk the 200m route that initiates our group/dynamic warm-up, and then complete our first dynamic warm-up.

VII. ‘Growing Up Strong’ video w. Lauren Fisher (8:02)

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