13-14JAN15: CF Open Events #2 + #3

Welcome back to Day 2 of the Wiseburn CrossFit P.E. Open! Today we will be assessing the fitness components of coordination and stamina through Events #2 and #3, respectfully. Helloooooo, Burpees 🙂 That’s right, 7 minutes of burpees…and I don’t have to tell you how shockingly difficult this WOD is, since you’ve all done it before: CF Open WOD 12.1. Just like last time, we will partner up for judging/scoring.

Prior to the WOD, we will all complete a one-minute time trial of Max Effort Wall Walks. As always, we will go over movement standards and safety considerations prior to executing. Best of luck with Day 2 of the Open!

Wiseburn CrossFit Open Event #2:

1 Min Max Effort Wall Walks

Wiseburn CrossFit Open Event #3:

CF Open WOD 12.1: AMRAP 7  min of Burpees

Compare results to Attempt #1 in your fitness tracker/spreadsheet

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