12NOV14: Death By Inch-Worm!

WOD #2: Death By Inch-Worms

Each athlete will complete one stationary inch-worm push-up on the start of the first minute (must come back up to a vertical position w. overhead clap), then stationary inch-worm push-ups on the second minute, three inch-worms on the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete inch-worm for the number of minutes on the timer.

Your score will be the total # of rounds you completed + the number of inch-worm push-ups completed in your last/unfinished round. Example:  A score of 14 + 13 means an athlete completed all 14 inch-work push-ups on the 14th minute, but then only was able to complete 13  inch-worm push-ups for the 15th minute.

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