13OCT14: Speed Day!

After today’s formation, we’ll be taking a field trip to…the Dana Gymnasium! Here, we’ll have plenty of floor space (and traction) to get some speed and agility work in for the first time this semester.  We completed a 1 mile run while I was gone, and earlier this year, we knocked out 4x400m runs (with a few push-ups and squats thrown in-between, wink wink). Today we’ll be rocking out some super-short distance runs – but at 100% intensity aka at an all out sprint! One way we can work to improve our speed and our agility (2 of the 10 overall components of fitness) is through a shuttle run, which is an event used in many different fitness assessments (NFL Combine, military and law enforcement physical fitness tests, etc) and that can be a lot of fun when running with/against your fellow athletes. Each shuttle run today will be at a total distance of 50 meters.


4 x Agility Ladder Drills + 20m Sprint

2 x 50m Shuttle Run (Record time for fastest run)


Medicine Ball Squad Relay Race

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