9-10OCT14: Box Jumps!

Coach C is Baaaaaaaaaaackk!!!!

Now that my amazing 10 days off to spend with my amazing wife and amazing, newborn baby boy (Reed Andrew) is all up, we can get back to the grind and do what we are here to do: learn new stuff and crush CrossFit workouts! Today I’m happy to teach you how to use our wooden ply-boxes for their primary purpose…box jumps! Box jumps are one of many plyometric exercises that will help athletes develop coordination, agility, and especially explosive power…power than transfers very well into just about all of your common sports and day to day activities. Don’t believe me? Check out this list of 7 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with Box Jumps.

Before we put our boxes to the test in our first box jump WOD, we’ll of course first learn how to safely and properly execute box jumps, and offer some additional scales/safety measures for those not fully confident with using our wood boxes. Then, we’ll get after it with the workout of the day!

WOD: “Jump Around”

12 min AMRAP:


-200m Run
-8 Box Jumps
-10 Hand Release Push-Ups
-12 Lunge Steps


-200m Run
-5 Box Jumps
-7 Hand Release Push-Ups
-9 Lunge Steps


-200m Run
-6 Burpee Box Jumps
-8 Hand Release Push-Ups
-10 Overhead Walking Lunges

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