17-20JUN14: Final Days

As we approach our final four days of class together (all remaining class periods are shortened schedule / stack periods / non-dress days), I just wanted to send out a huge HOOAH!!! to all my athletes for making this year the absolutely most rewarding year in my seven years of teaching. As we lean forward to summer break, please consider registering for what will be the most awesome CrossFit Kids summer camp ever and completing as many ‘Home WOD’s‘ as possible so that you stay fit (and stay prepared for the zombie apocalypse).

Here’s what we will be working on in these final days:

-Clearing out your lockers / securing your padlock for next year
-Signing Yearbooks (please sign mine!!!)
-CrossFit Dodgeball
-Watching World Cup on the big screen
-Supporting Coach C with final preparations for this semester’s ‘Wiseburn Throwdown’

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