5-6JUN14: CF Open Events #8/9

Today we will wrap up our final two CrossFit P.E. Open events (aside from those of you that have to make-up the shuttle run next Monday…). One will help assess strength (Max Effort Kettlebell Swings); the other will serve as a means of testing our core strength, flexibility, and overall gymnastics skills: Toes 2 Bar.

Once complete, we’ll watch a pretty sweet video about one of the fittest females on the earth, who happens to be really close to your age, and a part of our local Southern California Region.

CF OPEN EVENT #8: Max Effort Kettlebell Swings

Complete up to 20 unbroken kettlebell swings, with perfect form, with the maximum weight possible.

CF OPEN EVENT #9: Max Effort Toes 2 Bar

Complete as many reps as possible (unbroken) of Toes 2 Bar

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