21-22MAY14: Memorial Day WOD

The Hero WOD I’ve selected and scaled for our official Memorial Day workout is actually one that most CrossFit boxes use for their Memorial Day WOD all over the country. The workout, called ‘Murph,’ is in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005 (the same ‘Murph’ from the movie ‘Lone Survivor’). The full workout, before it got its name, used to be LT Murphy’s favorite CrossFit workout as  Navy SEAL, and he would call the workout ‘Body Armor’ since he would always complete the entire WOD while wearing a 20lb body armor vest (HOOAH!!!). To learn more about LT Murphy and all the amazing things he accomplished, just click on his photo below. You can also read his Medal of Honor citation here. For those of you that love to check out the blog in anticipation of what tomorrow’s WOD will be, simply look below the picture.


The full version of ‘Murph,’ as well as some tips/strategies for how to break the workout up, can be found here. The version that we will be completing in class (every athlete will be completing this workout on their own, at the same time) is called ‘Mini-Murph,’ which is exactly half of the actual workout:

HERO WOD: “Mini-Murph” aka “Body Armor”*

800m Run

[50 Pull-Ups + 100 Push-Ups + 150 Squats]**

800m Run

*Wearing of a backpack during the WOD (to simulate a 20lb body armor vest) is OPTIONAL

**Pull-Ups/Push-Ups/Squats can be broken-up into any order and into any # / size of sets!!!

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