12MAY14: Max Height Box Jump #2

With our 43-minute periods today, we’re going to take our second attempt in obtaining our max height box jump.Once complete, we’ll update our trackers and have another PR Bell ceremony for all of the athletes who beat their first attempt from earlier this semester. Remember SAFETY is our #1 priority today…our goal is to have ZERO (major) shin cuts/bruises, so leave those egos at the door!

Speaking of PR’s, check out the pics of Coach Corrinet below…just 1.5 weeks ago, he proudly earned a new PR for his max height box jump at LAX CrossFit by landing a 52″ box jump with running start (3″ higher than previous PR). HOOAH!!


Max Height Box Jump (w. running start) – Compare to height recorded on 9MAR14

Max Box Jump Before

Max Box Jump After

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