8-9MAY14: Partner WOD #2

Today we will be completing our second Partner WOD of the semester! And when I say ‘Partner WOD,’ I’m not talking about “partner up with somebody and figure out who is coach first/who is athlete first;” I’m talking about an actual WOD that you will complete TOGETHER with a partner (as a buddy team). In addition to being able to pick any partner you like for this workout, we’ll be learning 4 new movements (check out the hyperlinks below). This is going to be a fun one – HOOAH!!!

Partner WOD #2:

3 Rounds for Time

-400m Run
-50 Alternating Air Squats
-40 Alternating Hand-Release Push-ups
-30 Junkyard Dogs (15 ea, do not alternate)
-20 Alternating Box Jumps
-10 Partner Sit-ups w. Wall Ball

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