6-7MAY14: ‘Lil’ Cindy’ #2

Today we’ll be taking a second stab at one of the semester’s benchmark WOD’s, which means we’ll have a chance to look inside our fitness trackers prior to the WOD, set a goal, and hopefully earn a PR/get to ring the PR bell before leaving class. Since there are no new movements to learn to today, we’ll be ending class with plenty of class time left. However, instead of filling up that time with a game, you’ll instead get to watch a documentary covering this year’s upcoming Reebok CrossFit Games (which I have tickets to, boo-yah!!). Here’s to many PR’s and loud bells this week!

WOD: “Lil Cindy”


AMRAP in 12 Minutes
3 Pull-Ups + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
3 Pull-Ups + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats


AMRAP in 8 Minutes
3 Pull-Ups  + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats

VOD (Video of the Day):

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