28APR14: PACER Test #1

Today we are going to tackle 2nd fitness assessments required for your 7th Grade California Personal Fitness Test (PFT): The 20 meter PACER test. This will be one of 2 ways we will assess your aerobic capacity for the fitness test (the other being the 1 mile run); I will submit the better result out of the 2 tests when we have completed testing for the semester. For the PACER, we will be relocating to the gymnasium after a quick WOD Brief and Video. Below are the MINIMUM goals you should set for your age/gender…since the number of laps below are the minimum requirements to earn a passing score and be considered in the ‘Healthy Fitness Zone’ for this category. Good luck and remember to SPRINT TO THE FINISH!!!!


Males (12 years old): 23 paces

MALES (13 years old): 29 paces

MALES (14 years old): 36 paces

FEMALES (12 years old): 23 paces

FEMALES (13 years old): 25 paces

FEMALES (14 years old): 27 paces


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